Ten BIG Mistakes That Acupuncturists Are In Danger of Making

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How do I know that there are 10 Big Mistakes that acupuncturists are in danger of making? Because I made every single one of them! And even though I am embarrassed by my lack of business skills, I decided to reveal My Top 10 Mistakes so that I could save you from repeating these potential practice killers.

So please go watch the free video I made that explains in detail the mistakes I made and how you can avoid them. Be sure to avoid my #1 mistake!! It is the one I regret the most and wish I could go back in time and do-over!! After you watch the video, come back here and share your thoughts. I want to hear from you!

Go to: www.Lisas10BigMistakes.com

Newsletter Just For Acupuncturists

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Acu Insighter Alerts

Acu Insighter Alerts

I’ll admit it… I have not been very good about writing a regular newsletter. But this New Year is full of changes! Look, we have a new president who is trying to accomplish some pretty difficult tasks, so I figure I can work a little harder to get the information that is current, relevant, and helpful out to you and other acupuncturists.

So I am going to be writing monthly Acu Insighter Alerts newsletter as well as posting regularly on my new IFA blog. My goal is to get more resources (especially the FREE ones) in the hands of acupuncture students, graduates, and practitioners. Why, you ask? Surely you already know I am on a mission… Because the world needs more acupuncturists!

To Blog or Not to Blog? That is the Question…

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Insights For Acupuncturists


I have been resisting putting a blog on my Insights-For-Acupuncturists website for some time. It just seems like a lot of work without much reward. And if I am going to do a lot of work, I would rather be adding quality content pages to my website, instead of sharing ‘musings’ on a blog.

You see, that’s my problem in a nutshell! Blogs seem like places to ponder ideas and share whimsical musings and opinions. I do not see blogs as places to put quality information and resources. A website on the other hand seems to have more authority, in the sense that the information appears to be more credible. (Remember, perception is reality.)

But I must admit, I am intrigued by the blogging process and the newer WordPress blogs look really cool. (I especially like the look and features of Brian Gardner’s WordPress Revolution Themes. Plus the guy gives great tutorials for newbies!)

So anyway (I can say that since this is a blog)… I thought perhaps I should step out of my comfort zone and give blogging a whirl. After all, I do see lots of acupuncturists creating some awesome blogs and even clinic websites that are in blog format. So, thanks to to my husband, who set this blog up and told me where to point and click to post my ‘musings’, I will be blogging for acupuncturists in the weeks, months and hopefully years to come!

Insights for Acupuncturists Has Switched to a New Blog Format!

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lisa150Welcome to the new Insights-For-Acupuncturists.com Blog. I’m Lisa Hanfileti and I am learning how to write my first WordPress blog. Wish me luck! (I’m going to need it!)

Friends of mine have been raving about WordPress forever, saying that it is “so easy” to use once you get the hang of it. So I decided to take the plunge. I know lots of you are more adept at blogging than I am, so if you have any tips or suggestions for simple WordPress tutorials and step-by-step instructions, please let me know. Also if you see some mistake I am making on my blog, please tell me. Thanks!

Okay… I’m off to see if I can learn how to upload a video!