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Lisa Hanfileti, LAc Hello, my name is Lisa Hanfileti and I am an acupuncturist in Vancouver, Washington (USA). After overcoming interesting and unexpected business challenges, I developed to provide free resources, information, and tools to help new and experienced acupuncturists build and grow a successful acupuncture practice.

I have a free report called “10 Big Mistakes I Made Opening My Acupuncture Practice & What You Can Do To Avoid Them” that you can download at

I also write an ebook called, “Complementary and Alternative Marketing” to help acupuncturists use a website to easily market their practice and earn a little extra income at the same time. You can read more about the ebook and why I wrote it at – Enjoy!

Connect with me, ask questions and share your wisdom on my Facebook Page at

I appreciate your comments and feedback!

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3 Responses to “Meet Lisa”
  1. Tee says:


    I stumbled upon your website – it seems it was more active a few years back, but I figured I’d still try to reach out. I currently live in the Philadelphia area, and have been interested in going to Acupuncture school for a few years now. I live close to the Won Institute which has the Acupuncture Masters program and this time last year I was almost set up to be fully enrolled; unfortunately, I dropped my application and decided I would hold off. I had some anxiety over loans and moving forward with a successful career after school. I also looked into the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and spoke to someone there from Admissions. I still am considering that school – plus, I would love to move elsewhere for a few years while completing this education. Do you have any insight for someone like myself – the future of Acupuncture?, etc. I am still young (25), and I do hold a B.S. in Marketing.

    Thank You. ~ Tee.

  2. Hi Tee,
    I’m still here, focused on my practice and updating this website when I have time. The acupuncture profession is in a big shift and all I can tell you is that no one knows what will happen in the future (good or bad). There are states (or regions within states) where it is easier to set up a successful practice (e.g. more patients likely to seek out acupuncture, better reimbursement from insurance companies, fewer business regulations, etc) and some states/regions where it is becoming more and more difficult. In other words, “location, location, location” can make ALL the difference in your success and/or struggle building a practice. I suggest you do some research around best places to practice and see if they are places you would like to live. It’s okay to feel some “anxiety over student loans”. In fact I think that is a good thing to help you plan ahead and choose a school that you can ultimately afford. Keep searching and asking good questions. Acupuncture is an awesome profession and great way to BE in this world.

  3. Tee says:

    Thanks for getting back to my post! Like I had said, I had thoughts of Portland (OR), but also, the Bay Area (CA). And, they both seem to be pretty prominent locations to practice. There is a school in Oakland (CA) – the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences. Have you heard of it? I have been contacting people in this profession in Philadelphia before moving/applying to faraway schools. I really think I would enjoy this profession, I just worry (like I mentioned earlier) how I could move forward with this as my career. Again, thank you for your reply! I will keep “searching and asking questions.” ~ Taylor.

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