Acupuncture Marketing to Your Acupuncture Tribe: An Interview With Seth Godin

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Acupuncture marketing can change the world! Check out this interview with Seth Godin (marketing guru extraordinaire!) and start thinking about YOUR “acupuncture tribe”.

  • Who are the people (patients, customers, and colleagues) you are communicating with?
  • How are you delivering your unique message?

Your acupuncture marketing is important.  It is how you form YOUR “tribe” of passionate followers who continue to spread the message that acupuncture works.

Changing the world starts with you having the courage to share your experience, knowledge, and skills in such a way that others can hear, see, and find you.

Be brave!


Lisa Hanfileti, LAc

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3 Responses to “Acupuncture Marketing to Your Acupuncture Tribe: An Interview With Seth Godin”
  1. Linda DeNike says:

    I love the line. “Are you a walking generality or a meaningful specific?”

    Makes my day!


  2. Julia Rymut says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I love Seth Godin! He’s like a marketing Johnny Depp for me–I go weak every time I hear him talking about marketing, and I have to wipe my brow.

    Seth makes a really good point that a tribe can be small. I think those of us starting out look at the successful people and can’t imagine how a few people following you will grow in numbers. But a small group truly committed to a common ideal (your tribe) is very powerful.

    I also love what he says about being the best in your category. As we learn to market, at some point we must depart from our mentors and be the best in our own category. I think this is the transition that makes success. As he pointed out, no one will follow the person who’s 5th best in their category.

    Thank you for this post,


  3. Thanks Lisa, great video. He’s so passionate about inspiring people! As he says himself, have something interesting and unique to say and people will follow you. Great marketing advice. I also like his mantra for email marketing – “anticipated, personal and relevant”


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