Acupuncture Website Design Elements to Boost Your Online Marketing

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Acupuncture Website Design Elements Can Make or BREAK Your Online Marketing

Acupuncture Website Design Elements Can Make or BREAK Your Online Marketing

The first live web class on Acupuncture Design Elements to Boost Your Online Marketing is now available for viewing by anyone who purchased (or purchases) the Complementary and Alternative Marketing Ebook.

I also created a 30+ page document of type written notes along with the slides (and a few additional ones not in the webinar) to go along with the recording. This should make your learning curve much easier than mine ever was! My goal is to get you and your business online as soon as possible.

If you are a student and think it is too early to start a website, think again! (If a 14 year old can build an online business just by writing about what she loves, then you certainly can too!)

The reason I recommend Site Build It so highly is because it provides you with an education in business and marketing at the same time that it teaches you how to build your website. Also, it solves all your techie and design questions, like “where should I host my website?”, “how do I choose and buy a domain name?”, and “how do I have access to free acupuncture website templates?”. Site Build It is an all-in-one software package that fits the needs of service-based, self-employed business owners who are trying to figure out the online marketing puzzle.

Those of you who know me, know that I am VERY biased about Site Build It (because it works!), but I DO realize that it is not for everyone. So I have researched other software companies and people who offer value-based website services, especially to acupuncturists. Below is a list of my top picks. Be sure to do your own research and evaluate a website package based on your needs, time commitment, budget, and goals.

Regardless of which website software package to decide to utilize, be sure to include the acupuncture website design elements I share in this web class. The common mistakes that I see in most acupuncturists make with their website can be easily remedied.  And if the mistakes are NOT fixed, it can cause your business website to be a useless money pit (especially if you hire a pricey web designer.)

In the web class, I highlight three actual acupuncture websites plus one that I added to the ebook that is not in the video (provided by courageous volunteers), and I give tips and steps for them to improve their website’s function as a marketing tool.  These improvements will lay the groundwork for the next two web classes on “The Secret to Online Income”.

If you would like to have access to this webinar recording and the type-written notes, as well as all future webinars, all you have to do is purchase my ebook, which lays the foundation for how to maximize the marketing potential of your acupuncture website.  To learn more and purchase “Complementary and Alternative Marketing”, CLICK HERE and read my letter where I detail everything about the ebook.

** UPDATE: Be sure to read my article, How to Attract More Patients With Your Acupuncture Website where I provide you with specific design elements to boost your site’s traffic and improve the usability for your web visitors.

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7 Responses to “Acupuncture Website Design Elements to Boost Your Online Marketing”
  1. Marji says:

    Great information Lisa on your webinar. I have never checked my site on different servers to see how it came across. The horizontal info you gave was really interesting and helpful. Actually so much of the information you gave I will be using. The timing is perfect as I am adding pages to my website, and SEO all my articles and updating my SEO for my pages. Thanks for all you do for us!! You continue to offer great advice!!!!

  2. Dear Lisa,

    Thank you very much for the critiquing of my website. I will be eager to make the changes you recommended.

    Thank you again,
    Melissa Bowman

  3. Hi Lisa,

    I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat through the video recording of your first webinar. All I can say is — “You’ve done it again!” I hope acupuncturists realize the value of the information you’re sharing with them. You’re actually delivering content that’s well worth the price of admission and more. Keep up the great work!

    My best to you.

    Frank Prieto

  4. Hi Frank,

    That must have been some cup of coffee! Thanks for the kind remarks… You are an incredible authority on websites and marketing, so to have such high praise coming from you is quite an honor!

    I took the opportunity to look through your new website on SEO ( and all I can say is WOW! I look forward to learning more from you!

    Lisa Hanfileti, LAc

  5. Dr.Marji says:

    Thanks Lisa for taking the time to help me today with my website. The information on SEO for my articles was so helpful. Also the info about making sure great info is above the fold in the prime real estate area. I emailed my helper and he is in the process of making all the changes you suggested. I can’t wait to see the results. After listening to your webinars, reading your material or talking to you I feel so empowered and excited to take your advice and move forward with the knowledge that I will be attracting more patients who I can help. If I listen to Lisa and take action then they will come!!!! I am so grateful to have found you!!!!

  6. Leslie says:

    Thank you Lisa for the incredible job you are doing on the webinar series. Your presentations are packed full of usable information in a totally friendly format. I have looked at this kind of information before but never felt as empowered as I do with the way you are teaching. I have a question before I begin the process of opt-in. Before the end of Webinar #2 you touched on the Acufinder newsletter and said that Acufinder uses a delivery method that may not be compatible with the delivery method of How To Thrive. (It seems that Acufinder is using Constant Contact). I would like to start by offering an e-newsletter and then for those who opt-in, offer How To Thrive but I don’t want to be dealing with two different companies for delivery each month. What company should I go with if I’d like to deliver an opt-in e-newsletter, then a free e-book, and auto-responders and eventually downloads for purchase? Thanks again for doing this work Lisa,
    Leslie Raznick, Seattle

  7. Hi Leslie,

    Thanks for your kind words. I am glad you are finding the webinars eye-opening and useful. And I am just scratching the surface! But it is amazing how even the little bit that I am teaching can make a huge difference in anyone’s practice.

    In answer to your questions. The AcuFinder Newsletter is controlled entirely by AcuFinder. Which is perfect for those who do not want to deal with all the issues of writing their own newsletter and learning how to use an auto-responder.

    However, if you have something else on your website that you are offering for your visitors to download, such as Kevin Doherty’s customizable ebook, “How to Thrive in the Modern World”, then you will NEED your own auto-responder. As I stated in Webinar #2: List Building and Database Management, I highly recommend having your own auto-responder (using a “double opt-in”) so that you can build your own list of subscribers.

    So if you are going to write your own newsletter and want to be able to offer free downloads as well as downloads for purchase then the auto-responder I highly recommend is Aweber. I have personal experience with Aweber (as well as the 4 other auto-responders I mention in the webinar) and Aweber is by far my favorite. They have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee so you can try it out for a month to see if it will work for you. (Just click on the “Pricing” button.)

    It will not allow you to deliver goods that you want to sell (for that I recommend 1Shoppingcart), but Aweber does integrate with 1Shoppingcart as well as many other 3rd party software systems and social media sites (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.). So for the cost and where you are in your marketing as well as where you plan on going in the future, I recommend taking a close look at Aweber.

    Leslie, I hope that helps!

    Lisa Hanfileti, LAc

    P.S. Just to be clear… you cannot use Aweber (or any other auto-responder) to deliver AcuFinder’s Newsletter because they handle all of that independently. It is completely separate from your marketing and is only for those acupuncturists who want to provide valuable content to their visitors and do not have time to write their own newsletter. AcuFinder keeps track of all the subscribers and you have access to their email addresses in your AcuFinder account.

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