How List Building and Database Management Can Grow Your Acupuncture Business

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List Building and Database Management Ebook

List Building and Database Management Ebook

What does list building and database management have to do with using your business website to generate new patients, clients, and customers? The answer in a word is, EVERYTHING!

Years ago, when I was just starting my acupuncturist career I was only focused on providing quality care to my patients and nothing else.  I can tell you firsthand that the last thing on my mind was something as boring and seemingly unrelated to patient care as “website lists” and “databases”.  Yuk!

What I did not realize back then that I know now is that learning a few simple things about building a list through my business website is the key to providing quality care to my current patients, as well as to potential new patients, clients and customers.

And — get this — even providing care to (and earning money from) people who never even walk through my acupuncture clinic doors!

Building a list through your website can change your entire acupuncture practice and generate significant passive income.

But how?  In order to understand how important building a list is and how it can be utilized to bring additional revenue into your business, let’s start with the basics.

What is a “List”?

If you read my last blog post on Website Design Elements For Acupuncturists then you learned the importance of having specific places on your website that entice interaction with your website visitor.   These can be as simple as a place to subscribe to your newsletter or opt-in to receive a free report about Chinese herbs, acupuncture, or any healing method you have special knowledge about.

You create your list by exchanging something of value (e.g. your newsletter or special report) for your web visitors name and email address.  Once you receive their name and email address, they become a member of your “List”.  There, that’s not so hard!

Here is the significance of your List.  By subscribing to YOUR information they are telling you that they are interested in:

  • YOU – as an expert and a practitioner
  • CHINESE MEDICINE – and all the other topics in your newsletter or report
  • HEALING – for themselves and perhaps even others
  • PARTICIPATING IN THEIR HEALTH CARE – they are actively searching for solutions.

When someone joins your list through your website they are telling you that they want more information from you and may even want to become your new patient!  In business terms, they are very qualified “leads” or “prospects” for you to follow up with and offer more information about the services you provide.

List Building is Easy... and Essential.

List Building is Easy... and Essential.

Your list is the equivalent of having patients lined up at your acupuncture clinic door.  Honestly, the people on your list are even more qualified (and by ‘more qualified’, I mean more likely to become your patient or purchase your products) than someone who found you in the Yellow Pages.

Why?  Because people do not give up their email addresses easily.  To give you their contact information, they must have likely scrutinized the information on your website and educated themselves about you before making the decision to trade their email address for your expert information.

What is List (or Database) Management?

Your list of interested subscribers and potential patients is only as good as your management of  — or relationship with — those people.  You must follow up on a consistent basis to continue to develop your relationship with them.

There are many easy, effective, safe, and legal methods of maintaining contact with the people on your list.  I go over the best methods for acupuncturists and include the best time-saving tools in my video and ebook bonus series included with my ebook,

“Complementary and Alternative Marketing:  How to Attract New Patients, Market Your Practice, and Earn Passive Income With Your Acupuncture Website” – CLICK HERE

I can only sit and wonder how much income I lost by not starting to build my list earlier!  I was in practice for over 7 years before I started learning how to build relationships with my website.  Now it is one of the easiest and most economical ways to attract new patients and even earn significant income from people who never walk through my doors.  (I will cover more on that in my next post on Affiliate income.)

Please do not make the same mistakes I did. By learning some very simple steps and using affordable tools you can use your acupuncture website to create a virtual line of patients standing outside your clinic doors!

Click Here to read more about my book and the bonus video recordings here.

Your success matters to me.


Lisa Hanfileti, LAc

P.S. Look for my next post on, “Affiliate Marketing With Your Acupuncture Website”.  Once you understand the power of affiliate marketing your whole life will change!  I show you exactly how you can begin earning money TODAY (even without a website) using affiliate marketing techniques.  What you learn in this webinar is your key to earning passive income through your acupuncture website for the rest of your acupuncture career and beyond.

Acupuncture For Children?

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"Energy Medicine Principles For Parents" by Peter Hanfileti, MD

"Energy Medicine Principles For Parents" by Peter Hanfileti, MD

I am often asked about the safety of acupuncture for children. As an acupuncturist trained to treat adults as well as children I can say with confidence that children can benefit from the holistic medicine model and the application of Chinese medicine techniques, which may or may not include acupuncture.

But I have a confession to make.   I avoid treating children in my acupuncture practice.

I am lucky because my husband, Peter, is a pediatrician who specializes in energy medicine. And even though I have patients who ask me to see their kids, I politely say, “no, I do not treat kids, because my husband is a pediatrician and his specialty is children.” My patients are always happy to hear this, so it is a win-win.

But the truth is, if I did not share an office with a pediatrician, I would refer to another acupuncturist in my local community who did specialize in treating children. That’s just how uncomfortable I am.

From the conversations I’ve had with other acupuncturists, I know I am not the only one who lacks experience and confidence in working with children.

That’s why I am so happy that Peter Hanfileti, MD (yes, my husband) just wrote a book about treating children with energy medicine! Peter is an excellent practitioner who has an amazing track record treating some of the most difficult conditions in children using acupuncture, acupressure, BodyTalk™, colored light therapy, and othe non-invasive energy medicine techniques.

I proofed his book and I learned a TON just from reviewing it!! It’s called, “Energy Medicine Principles For Parents: A Pediatricians Perspective on How Energy Medicine Can Help Your Child”.  (Click on the “New Ebook” button at the bottom of his homepage.)

But I am not the only one gushing about his book.  You can read what others are saying on his letter (here) and learn why having this kind of book available to your patients who are parents is so valuable to them and YOU.

In “Energy Medicine Principles For Parents”, Peter covers:

  • Energy Distribution – How Your Child’s Energy System Works
  • Energy Conservation – How Your Child’s System Protects Itself
  • Energy Hierarchy – How Your Child’s System Follows an Intelligent Priority List
  • Energy Resonance – How Your Child’s Energy System is in Synch with Yours
  • Energy Harmony – How Your Child’s System Fits In With Your Family’s Structure
  • Energy Imprinting – How Your Child’s Age Can Imprint Their Energy System
  • …And so much more, including practical strategies for parents to address their individual child’s needs

But my favorite section of the book is the Case Studies.  That’s because I see the kids who have benefited from his knowledge, skills, and kindness.  It always amazes me when I see a young child in our waiting room yanking on his mother’s arm asking, “Mom, when can I come back to see Dr. Pete?” How many children do you know of who look forward to seeing their doctor??

So if you are one of those acupuncture practitioners who lacks confidence in treating children, or you would like to be able to tell parents that energy medicine is a good choice for addressing the complex needs of kids, then go ahead and check out his website and new ebook.  As always, you are invited to come back here and tell me what you think.

Best Regards,
Lisa Hanfileti, LAc

P.S.  For those of you who just attended my live webinar on “The Secret to Online Income, Part 2: Affiliate Marketing With Your Acupuncture Website”, be sure to check out Peter’s Affiliate Program.  Does an ebook written by an MD on “Energy Medicine Principles For Parents” bring value to your patients and website visitors? You betcha!

Here’s the link to his website again: