Use Your Acupuncture Website to See You Through Tough Economic Times

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Tough Economic Times

Tough Economic Times

I cannot imagine what it must feel like to be graduating from an acupuncture school at this time in our history. With the economy as terrible as it is, it must feel daunting for new graduates to be stepping out into the business world with high hopes to make a living, develop a career, and build a successful business.

As difficult as the economy is right now, the time has never been better for those who are experts in natural health and wellness to share their expert knowledge and provide their skilled services to help people enjoy health and longevity. Just read Paul Zane Pilzner’s, “The New Wellness Revolution” and you will learn that “the next trillion dollar industry” is not technology, but rather health information, products, and services.

As an acupuncturist and knowledgeable practitioner of Oriental medicine, you have the ability to take advantage of this demand. However, you must position yourself in such a way that others regard you, your education, and your skills as credible and worthy of their attention.

The millions of people that are searching the Internet every day for help with chronic symptoms and debilitating diseases are desperate for natural alternatives and an approach that is comprehensive.

All acupuncturists have an obligation (in my humble opinion) to get the word out that Chinese medicine is effective! The easiest way to accomplish this is by creating a website for your acupuncture clinic.

For the introverted practitioner who does not see him or herself standing in front of crowds giving talks and “selling” their services, or joining different businesses networking groups, a website is a perfect solution.

Andrea Iwi'ula and Lisa Hanfileti, Bastyr University March 4, 2009

Andrea Iwi'ula and Lisa Hanfileti, Bastyr University March 4, 2009

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking about acupuncture website marketing to the Acupuncture Practice Management class at Bastyr University, located just outside of Seattle, Washington. It is always a pleasure for me to talk with students and watch the “light bulb” go ON when they realize they have a tool right at their fingertips (literally) that can easily and effectively market their acupuncture practice.

The tool of course, is their acupuncture clinic website. But not just any website. As I say over and over in my consultations, seminars, and Complementary and Alternative Marketing ebook, you must have a properly constructed website.

Don’t worry… all that means is you need a few features within your website that are noticed by the search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Ask, and Live). And you need some key components that attract the right kind of people to your website so you can fill your practice and develop your site as a resource for passive income.

I explain in great detail how you can accomplish this in my new ebook, “Complementary and Alternative Marketing”. You can read more about the ebook and why I wrote it HERE.

I want all acupuncturists to know, even in these challenging economic times, there is hope!

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2 Responses to “Use Your Acupuncture Website to See You Through Tough Economic Times”
  1. I appreciate the candid spirit of your website, emails, and blogs.
    Thank you for Hope!

  2. Erik House says:

    As I have said a few times before this your website is wonderful. I’m already starting to use some of your techniques and I’m not even in school yet. Please keep up the great work!

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